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Need Peoria Heating and Cooling for your Home, Office or Commercial Property? Looking for the most efficient up to date heating and cooling technologies? For example, expert repair and installation, including smart home integrations, wireless system controls or digital programmable thermostats. We deliver expert Heating and Cooling Services out of Peoria, IL. and fixes most all Air Conditioners and Furnaces. 

We saw a need for modest yet reliable HVAC services in Central Illinois and now have over 3,000 Satisfied Customers. We are proud to have worked with some of the best and brightest Home Owners, Business Owners, Home Builders and Commercial Builders in all of Central Illinois.

We have completed over 500 New Installations and served more than 3,000 Homeowners. From affordable financing, to smart home integration, to 24/7 service, you can be assured you are getting a fair and honest service provider. Ready to Get Started?

We Provide The Following Peoria Heating and Air Conditioning Services: 

  • Peoria Furnace Installation 
  • Peoria Furnace Repair
  • Peoria Heating Repair
  • Peoria Boiler Installation
  • Peoria Boiler Repair
  • Peoria Boiler Replacement
  • Peoria Boiler Maintenance
  • Peoria Water Heater Installation
  • Peoria Water Heater Repair
  • Peoria GEO Thermal Heating and Cooling Installation
  • Peoria Air Conditioning Installation
  • Peoria Air Conditioning Repair
  • Peoria Air Conditioning Replacement
  • Peoria Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Peoria 24/7 Emergency Heating and Cooling Services, Peoria, Illinois: We provide “on call” HVAC 24/7 365 

peoria Heating and Cooling: Furnace

Furnace Installation and Repair. 

Need a new furnace? Want to fix your existing unit?

 Peoria Furnace Installation: New furnace installation and our selection of the best Peoria Furnace Systems for your individual needs are just that. Check us out here. The Best! With over 40 years of experience in Peoria Heater Installation, we know exactly what your needing to comfortably heat your space and offer great options to fit your needs. Whether it is a system you will want to last a lifetime or a system to last a decade we have plenty of choices for you. We want to make it easy for you. We plan on being your best friend in Furnace Installation from now on! When you are looking for furnace installation,  you will find us first.  HVAC installation is best left to the professionals. That’s because we are the most trusted  HVAC Company in town, Peoria Heating and Air Conditioning. Have a need for a Tampa painting company for example.  We used them on past projects. Have been and will continue to be for a long time to come. With a new system you will now be able to set the temperature to your exact setting. No more setting the thermostat to 75 degrees just to reach 70 degrees. Should you have any issues or other needs, “yes you can even refer us” we will be here for you. Anytime. Having a high efficiency furnace that performs well starts with the level of Heating installation experience your technician has. The type of system you have selected is not the only factor in getting the very best heating system for your home or office. No matter how great your new system is it will only perform to the best of its ability determined by how well it was set up and depending on the quality of central heating installation for example. Central Heating is the most efficient and superior approach to Residential Heating. If you need Bloomington Tree Removal for example, we have helped several other tradesman with their hvac needs. Peoria Central Heating System or “Central Air” relies on duct work to direct the flow of heat to all of the rooms in your home. This way of heating is safe and standard in todays market. There are many reasons to choose Peoria HVAC for a new furnace installation. One would be the air quality. Having a new furnace installed means that your air quality will improve and so will you and your families health as well. There is no reason to have to live with a unit that is producing an improper amount of air that is unclean and unsafe to your homes environment.  Contact us today for a free estimate on replacing your homes furnace.

Peoria Heating Installation: Heating installations are needed all year round. Did you know you know that Qualified Buyers, customers can get a Furnace installed in the Summer Months and save money on it? Contact us today and find out if you qualify. We perform the very best in Peoria Heating services and guarantee total satisfaction with your new unit. For example we helped a Tampa Painting Company with their HVAC. Whether it is the first unit you have ever purchased or your last, we want to provide you the help you will need. Installation can be a daunting task. As well as a professional Tampa Drywall Repair company. From reworking a unit thats 50 years old to re configuring your system to run more efficiently, we can help. It is in fact our pleasure to help you with your Installation needs. More often than not, we find the perfect solution for you and your family that will save you thousands in the years to come. If your looking for help with Sarasota Drywall Repair we recommend SDR.Heating Installs are usually done when either a system is so old it makes sense not to keep it or when a remodeling or building project is underway. We have found that by using our services we are on average able to save our customers as much as 60% in costs of labor and materials. One reason being is that we pre order most all of our installation equipment and have it on hand when our customers need it. Not only are we able to perform our services a lot faster than other shops in Central Illinois but we are able to sell our equipment for a rate that is more often times than not, affordable. We perform furnace and air conditioning installations in many homes and buildings of all sizes. From 1,000 sf to 10,000 sf. One of our most recent projects that comes to mind is the Peoria Planet Fitness. This project required over 4 weeks of heating and cooling installation services. All duct work in ceiling was re configured to work with a brand new HVAC system that is currently installed their. We can all but guarantee they will not bee needing our help for a long time from now. Could even be as long as 20 years from the day we installed. We are so confident in our abilities and impressed the owner so well, we we’re hired to perform their next project in Decatur, Illinois. A Heating and Cooling Commercial installation project.

Peoria Furnace Repair: Furnace Repair Peoria, Illinois, When your furnace is acting up and you need quick Peoria Heater Repair service that is reliable and honest, we are the one’s to call for Peoria Heating Maintenance. When your furnace stops working it can be a bit scary. Especially if you have small children or loved ones that are being affected by a cold room. We will quickly restore comfort to your space and give you the peace of mind to move on with living your life and put this behind you. We promise to inspect your furnace for proper safety and get it up and running as quickly as possible.  When it comes to our furnace we have to maintain it to keep our system running smoothly every year. The less time spent on maintaining your system is more time to focus on the things that you put the most importance on. Like family and friends. Our goal is to fix your system so well that you will not need to call us again. Although it is wise to have us periodically check on your system to make sure it is running smoothly, We will wok with you to find that solution and provide you with the very best Peoria Heating Repair plan. There are many signs that  your furnace could need repair. Not changing your filter for example on a regular basis can cause undo stress on a heating and cooling system. Therefore why not familiarize yourself with some of the warning signs so that you can protect yourself and your family from undergoing an unpleasant night without heat. Here are a few of the warning signs that your Peoria Furnace Repair is eminent.

  • A Sudden rise in the cost to heat your home and keep it at a comfortable level means you will be needing Furnace Repair’s soon. 
  • You discover cold spots, or rooms that are not getting warm. Its time for Heater Repair.
  • If your hearing strange noises during operation, that is a sign the unit is not operating correctly and you need to contact an HVAC  professional.

Peoria Heating Repairs: Have you noticed strange noises coming from your system while its running? Are you experiencing cold spots in the home? Perhaps your heating bill has risen recently.  It may be time for a Heating Repair. If you currently have no heat and want the heat to be fixed, give us a call to have your Peoria Heater Repair done today. We operate 24/7 and will provide you with fast efficient service to get you the heat you need so you can get back to the things that are most important to you and your family. Is your heat running cool? Not getting your unit up to temperature? Your unit could be experiencing something as simple as a burned out fuse. Contact us today for help with your heating repair needs. Visit Tampa Drywall Repair for help with your construction needs. 

Peoria Gas Furnaces: A Gas Furnace Installation requires that the gas line be hooked up to your furnace properly. In no way should anyone other than a trained professional attempt to hook up a gas line on the Furnace. We will help you determine the correct size of the unit you will need to properly heat your home, and not overheat or under heat your home as well. A Gas Furnace Repair also requires a professional to determine the cause of your problem and properly explain to you a few options in fixing your Peoria Gas Furnace. We can help you with all of your Gas Furnace needs, whether it is an installation or repair.

Peoria Electric Furnaces: An Electric Furnace Installation does not require any gas. Which means you do not have to worry about any leaking carbon monoxide either. These units are electric. An Electric Furnace Repair can entail many different issues. We can help you determine the electrical issue you are having with your furnace and get it running again. If you are looking for Peoria Electricians we can help. Simply give us a call for best recommendations and we’ll point you in the right direction.  

Peoria Thermostats: When it comes to thermostats there are plenty of options these days. We are happy to explain them all to you. From the basic to the “smart home” thermostats we are experts and will install your new thermostat exactly where you need it. Here are a few of the most common types we see are:

  • Digital Thermostats – A simple and accurate way to control your Heat and Air. These thermostats use push buttons and have a digital screen.
  • Wireless Thermostats – Are controlled remotely. No hardwiring is required. Very sleek looking and for the tech savy.
  • Smart Thermostats – A smart thermostat allows you to control your system minute by minute if you like or monitor areas of the home remotely. By phone or tablet, you can even incorporate your thermostat into your homes automation.   

Peoria Boiler Installation: Boiler installation is common at our shop. Not that most Peoria HVAC Company’s are good at it. We are experts at boiler installation and can help you understand how to maintain your system to help extend the life of your brand new boiler system. Boilers do not depend on forced air to heat a space like furnaces, heat pumps and other systems do. This means you are not left worrying about air pollution into the system, Air Ducts that leak. Peoria Boiler installations offer you effective heating without compromising the quality of air when compared to other systems. Boilers may use heating systems, radiators or baseboards to do the heating. This type of heating is even and no hot air will collect at the top of your rooms like forced air. But it is not immediate, it takes time to get to temperature. Even if you have a Tampa Painting Company needing paint to dry quicker. We will make sure that your Peoria Boiler is properly sized for the space you are heating and that it consumes fuel in the most safe manor to you and your family for decades. Contact us for more information on Boiler Installations.

Peoria Boiler Replacement:  Large holes and non running boilers are a clear sign your system needs replaced. Depending on the age of your Peoria Boiler, it may reach a point where it can no longer heat your home or office space. You will want to avoid making multiple attempts to repair it and go with a replacement. We are experts at Boiler Replacement and have performed hundreds of them over the years.

Peoria Boiler Repair: If you are noticing a sudden spike in heatings costs it is time to repair your Boiler. There are many factors your boiler would not be operating properly. It is our job to find that out for you and deliver you what we find in an honest and helpful way. We guarantee to help you with finding the very best solution for you to get Peoria Boiler Repair. For example, will you be moving in the next 5 years? If this is your first time dealing with your boiler than you may want to do as little as possible with it. If we find there is an issue with the distribution system then we will help you get it taken care.

Peoria Boiler Maintenance:  Save money on your Boiler system by scheduling regular yearly maintenance on your system. All boilers get a little wear and tear on them. It is a good idea to have us check your system out once a year as well as tune it up. Peoria Boilers have less parts than other heating systems but they do have some multiple components. Each one of these components must be in full working order in order to run smoothly and heat your home or office in a comfortable and safe way. Contact us today to schedule a “check up” of your boiler system and to begin regular maintenance on your system. 

Peoria Water Heater Installation: Installing a water heater is a simple process for a professional Peoria HVAC Company. We install water heaters and do 2-3 of them a week. Our process is one that makes sure to provide you the very best Peoria Water Heater Installation around. We use lifetime bolts that will not wear out. As well as double checking all fittings to ensure the proper torque is applied to each area. You can trust us with your water heater. And count on us to remove the old water heater for you. 


Peoria Water Heater Repair: Water heaters are not hard to repair, really. They are simple units that fail in only any one of a few different ways. Should your water heater begin to show signs of needing repaired you will notice:

  • A temperature drop in running water from any faucet in the home
  • Cold water only when operating the warm water
  • Signs of water, rust or no pilot light on or near the water heater

Peoria Tankless Water Heater Installation: Want a better water heater? Try a Tankless Water Heater. These units use much less energy than a standard Tank water heater and require less maintenance. We are experts at installing Tankless Water Heaters and provide same day service as well. A Tankless water heater works like this. A Flow sensor detects the water coming in. The control panel initiates the gas burner to be ignited. The heat exchanger transfers water through the tubing and a mixing valve tempers the water exiting the unit. A flush every 500 hours is a good way to make sure your units lasts for a long time. By using vinegar, you will break down any deposits. Instant water heaters or sometimes called On demand units, use 50% less energy saving a family over $100.00 per year on water usages. These units heat the water only being used as opposed to the old way of heating 50 gallons of water in the water heater to only then use 5 gallons to wash your hands, for example. These units also offer a continuous, steady and hot supply of water making them ideal for filling up a master bathtub or shower unit. Best part is these units mount on a wall and take up much less space than the standard water heater.

Peoria Tankless Water Heater Repair: Tankless water heater do not have as many issues as a Tank water heater might. But when they do it requires a company like Peoria Heating and Cooling to perform the job. An absolute expert who can quickly pinpoint the problem and fix it fast. 

Peoria Geothermal Heating and Cooling Installation: Geothermal has many benefits to using it in either a residential or commercial application. Known for their reliability these systems are are extremely consistent with their temperature control. We are experts in Peoria Geothermal Heating, Cooling Installation. Should you have any questions about this system being right for your property, let us know, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Peoria Humidifiers: Keeping your home healthy is something we know a lot about. We are experts on your homes humidity levels. We can help you choose the right one and show you the best place to put them and how to use them in the most efficient manner.

Preventative maintenance 

  • Check Up – A check up is just that. We perform a 20 point inspection of your unit(s) including a complete inspection of your systems duct work. We will not perform any preventative tasks, but rather relay our findings to you and offer information and options to best suit your needs at this time. 
  • Tune Up – A preventative Tune up performed on your unit(s). Including a 20 point inspection. We will replace any frayed or burnt wiring, Inspection of your systems ductwork and report on the condition of your unit(s).
  • 2 Year System Recondition – Replace high temperature safety, Replace roll out safety switch, Commision btu input, plus including all of the “tune up ” services. 

Preventative maintenance is very important in maintaining your unit(s) working properly, all year round. With no downtime, having your unit(s) maintained on a regular basis will ensure optimal comfort. Proper maintenance is a 3 part process. We inspect the system in general and look at the coils. We always hose down the coil to clean and remove any dust and debris that can cause them to underperform. Using a clear, we will protect the coil from attracting such debris over the next couple of months until our return to inspect. Once the system is clean and ready, we will get an accurate reading of its performance. By testing all components for anything out of range we will reccomend replacing  anything that is not testing well. Once we’re tested for mechanically sound running, we move to duct leakage to help you optimize your system to its absolute best. Our tune ups are thorough and will provide you with years of comfort. 

It is important to hire a Peoria HVAC Company to perform preventative maintenance on your unit(s). We are experts at it it and will help you to never have to go without heat or air and provide you with support for keeping your unit in good shape for years to come.  

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peoria heating and cooling:  Air Conditioning

Need a new A/C unit? Want to fix your existing A/C unit?

Peoria Air Conditioning Installation:  Air Condition Installation is a large part of our service work. With Hundreds of Air Conditioner installations under our belt, we are the absolute best at installing your air conditioning unit. Our Peoria cooling services and cooling technology / experience provides the very best in comfort and cooling in all of the Peoria area. We will help you choose the correct unit for your particular needs. For example if your Air conditioning installation Peoria is too small it will run all the time. Or if the unit installed is too large it will drop the temperature too quickly. 

Peoria Air Conditioning Repair: Having performed over 800 AC Repair jobs to date, we are the experts in Air Conditioning Repair Peoria. Whether your system is old or new, Peoria HVAC has the experience to handle your air conditioning repair in the quickest, most economical way possible. Keep in mind that (1) malfunctioning component can put a strain on the system. It is important to call us right away if your system shows signs of wear, sounds strange when running or won’t run at all. 

Peoria Air Conditioning Replacement: Should you have the need to actually replace your older model unit, we can help. Perhaps you are satisfied with the make and model of your current Peoria Air Conditioning Service, but the unit is bad. We can replace your unit with the same brand and give you one with upgrades to the manufacturing of that model.

As our trade partners, we recommend Sarasota House PaintersTampa Drywall RepairTampa House Painters

Peoria Air Conditioning Maintenance: There are many benefits to our customers air conditioning maintenance plans that we offer. It is always a good idea to have you Peoria Air Conditioning Maintenance performed yearly. Contact us today for a more efficient, cost effective system.

When its time to repair or replace your air conditioning unit we will provide you with options. We understand our customers needs can vary from year to year and perhaps even month to month. One things’ for sure, we provide excellent customer service and superior equipment. Everything from the top of the line to the absolute best value in heating and cooling equipment. Whatever your choice, you can be sure you will receive reliable service. 24/7 365 days a year from our company. Top quality solutions and cutting edge technology that will provide you exactly what you need, when you need it.


How do I know what size system to use thats right for the size of my home?

We are experts. Its very simple, going off of the size of a room(s) and considering the height of the ceiling you can very easily come to a reasonable conclusion. But we go a step further by considering a homes insulation and even considering things like trees outside. Keep in mind you also have the ability to use windows in the spring and ceiling fans in the summer months as well. Most important is not putting undue strain on an air conditioners compressor.

Are all Air Conditioners these days energy efficient? 

Yes, most all air conditioners these days are mandated to rate their equipment, thus allowing the consumer to make an informed decision. A SEER Rating or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is whats used today. The higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating the more efficient the equipment and system.

If you own a newly constructed home your unit is going to most likely be “builders grade.” Meaning while its new it may not keep up with your families need for comfort. Usually these units underperform and have a hard time keeping your home cool. Especially in areas of the home not well insulated or in areas where the sun can shine directly onto the home without shade from a tree or another home perhaps. Or for example if your master bedroom or guest room is above the garage. The garage is usually not climate controlled, although it may have drywall and insulation and if its real fancy “paint” ( just kidding) it still may cause other parts of the home to become hot.

Are some air conditioning units built better than others these days?

In fact most new units that are made in America are well built. The compressor is the most important factor in your Air Conditioning unit lasting for years to come. Therefore you want the very best compressors to go with your new unit. Very important anytime your replacing your a/c system. Steel is of the highest quality material that will protect your unit as well. Therefore be sure in making your decision your unit is built to last harsh winters in Central Illinois.

Our Service Area: We provide EXPERT HVAC to all of Central Illinois, including East Peoria, Illinois Heating and Cooling, Pekin, Illinois Heating and Cooling, Morton, Illinois Heating and Cooling, Chillicothe, Illinois Heating and Cooling, Metamora, Illinois Heating and Cooling, Dunlap Illinois Heating and Cooling, Galesburg, Illinois Heating and Cooling and most cities within 60 miles of Peoria.   

We provide an Ameren, Peoria Heating and Cooling Incentive:

The Ameren Illinois Efficiency Program, Discounts and Incentives. Contact us today to see if you qualify…

  • Electric air-source heat pumps for Home or Office
  • Central air-conditioning units that set outside 
  • High-efficiency gas furnace blower motors used to eliminate excess waste of energy
  • Smart thermostats, control from your smartphone
  • Air-source heat pump water heaters to make your Home or Office more comfortable

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